About Taranga Kannada Sangha of Memphis

Great Kannada poet Kuvempu wrote "Elladaru Iru, Enthadaru Iru, Endendigu Ni Kannadavigaru" Keeping this quote in mind, Kannadigas in Memphis gathered together and formed a small association aimed at promoting Kannada language, music, dance, drama and to build awareness about Kannda among the younger generation. In the year 2002, Taranga was officially born as a social and cultural organization. In the beginning Taranga celebrated three main events - Sankranthi, Ugadi, Kannada Rajoythsava and Deepavali. Later, based on the recommendation of it's members, the celebrations were extended to include Purandara Dasa Aradhane (during March), Annual Picnic (September/October) and India Fest in conjunction with India Association of Memphis (August).

From its inception, Taranga has been instrumental in bringing together families of Kannadigas on various occasions. It has always encouraged talented artists ( India and US) and has been successful in sponsoring several activities such as musical performances, stage plays, socially relevant seminars and talks. Over and above, it has always provided an opportunity for kids to perform on the stage by fostering their artistic talents and skills. Every year in the month of December, Taranga conducts a friendly General Body Election. This gives an opportunity for members, to be a part of the new executive committee and serve the Kannada Sangha.

Taranga aspires to hold a place in the hearts of our next generation Kannadigas. Taranga hopes to be a repository of information regarding Kannada and Karnataka/Indian Culture, on which our children can draw upon at times of need.

2017 Executive Committee

Title Name Email
President Manjunath Badiger mpbadiger@gmail.com
Vice President Dinesh Udupi dinesh.udupi@gmail.com
Cultural Secretary Vani Rao --
General Secretary Raghavendra Gujar gmraghu@yahoo.com
Treasurer Nagendra Rao nasa24@gmail.com
Ad-hoc committee Phaniraj Cegu rajcegu@gmail.com
Ad-hoc committee Rajashekar Alli -
Ad-hoc committee Asha Hossur -
Ad-hoc committee Balu Mahendra -
Ad-hoc committee Savitha Nagendra Rao -
Advisory committee Subba Rao psr895@yahoo.com
Advisory committee Pushpa Sanjay pushpasanjay@gmail.com
Advisory committee Anantha Prasad asprasad1@yahoo.com
Advisory committee Venkatesh Hossur vhossur@yahoo.com