Taranga Kannada Sangha of Memphis, TN is a social group founded by some enthusiasts. Taranga conducts many events every year for the growing Kannada speaking community in Memphis area. Currently, if you are not a member, you can contact any of the executive committee member for the information or you can download the form and mail it to the address provided.
Please stay tuned for the upcoming events, phone directory, community news and many more features that will be constantly added to this site soon.....

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2018 Executive Committee

Title Name Email
President Dinesh Udupi dinesh.udupi@gmail.com
Vice President Vani Rao --
Cultural Secretary Nagendra Rao nasa24@gmail.com
General Secretary Raghavendra Gujar gmraghu@yahoo.com
Treasurer Asha Hossur --
Ad-hoc committee Phaniraj Cegu rajcegu@gmail.com
Ad-hoc committee
Balu Mahendra -
Ad-hoc committee Sandeep Ramesh -
Ad-hoc committee Savitha Nagendra Rao -
Advisory committee Subba Rao psr895@yahoo.com
Advisory committee Venkatesh Hossur vhossur@yahoo.com
Advisory committee Pushpa Sanjay pushpasanjay@gmail.com
Advisory committee Manjunath Badiger mpbadiger@yahoo.com